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It all starts with you.

We want you to take control.

We want you to succeed.

We want you to walk into the test with confidence & clarity. ACE Test Prep's mission is to strengthen you with the tools you need to find correct answers efficiently & get the scores that will open the right doors to your next stage of education.  We want to take the power away from the standardized test & put it in your hands.  We want you to have endless opportunities into & beyond high school, including acceptances, scholarships, program options & honors benefits.  Don't let the test bind & blind you.


  Take control of the test.  Take control of your future.

It all starts with you.

We want you to take control.

We want you to succeed.


Our Story: 

ACE Test Prep originated from two high school teachers whose dynamic energy in the classroom drew students to seek additional help with content on the ACT.  Although initially, Julie Brandel and Brett Currin both thought of standardized tests as the intimidating markers that shouldn’t show student performance, we realized that our mission fit our teaching philosophies much more than we originally thought.  We care about students.  We want them to succeed.  We have to face the reality that the ACT is a meaningful score as they venture to the next steps beyond our classrooms, and we want to help them feel confident to reach their potential scores—just like we want them to excel and grow in our own classrooms.  After working individually with students, the demand grew to host classes of students, and, five years later, we’ve taught over 800 students in 7 different schools and watched students get into colleges they dreamed about or earn scholarships because of their score jumps.  We realized we are limited in our time and ability to serve as many students as we would like, so our goal morphed into bringing highly-recommended, practicing teachers on board who believe in our mission to help students tackle the ACT.  Our ACE team can bring the program we are so passionate about-- and that we know works-- to an even larger student population.


"I boosted my score 4 points which could open up some really great doors for scholarships and admissions. I just want to let you know I really appreciate all your work with me and I am so happy with the results!"

"The ACE Test Prep class that I took helped me so much that in fact I rose 5 points from my original score from 25 to a 30.  The teachers made me feel good about the ACT from the moment that I walked into the room to take it to the moment that I left."

Commitment Anchor

We are your partner. We'll See you Through. 
Our goal at ACE Test Prep is to help each and every student reach his or her score potential.  By optimizing ACT super scores and composite scores, doors are opened to make higher education as meaningful and affordable as possible.  Because we work with this goal at the forefront of teaching, we are very excited to offer our ACE students and parents assurance of our dedication to score improvement!  
Here's How it Works:

Students who can show official ACT test results from any date before taking our complete prep session (6 classes), as well as official ACT test results from the immediate test date after that session with an unimproved super score and composite score, can choose to either
  A) attend any full or part future classroom session for FREE
  B) arrange for 2 hours worth of individual tutoring time for FREE ($50/hour after)

If you don't have a baseline score (first ACT) or have an improved score but would like to attend another session or seek 1 on 1 time, we will reduce the cost as follows:
  A) attend any full or part future classroom session for HALF OFF
  B) arrange individual tutoring at a $50/hour

FAQ Anchor

The ACT Process can be Confusing.

Answers to Common Questions:  


When should students take their first ACT?


The following suggestions are based upon when students have been taught enough content in school to have their best potential score in reach.  Every student is different so please contact us if you have specific concerns about when to sign up.

Most students: ~Early to middle part of junior year.

Advanced students: ~Later part of sophomore year.

When should students take ACT prep classes?


We strongly recommend that students take prep classes after taking an official ACT.  This first ACT score can then serve as a baseline to improve upon.  

What is the typical class size?


ACE Test Prep classes mirror those of a typical high school setting - with a approximate maximum of 30 students.  This size provides opportunities for whole group, small group, and individualized instruction.

Can a student sign up for only half the session (Math/Science only or English/Reading only)?


Yes. If a student excels in a particular subject and only wants to take the Math classes or English/Reading classes, he or she may take half of the ACE Test Prep course for a discounted price.  Although, many times scores in the stronger subject areas can improve as well!

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