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Our goal at ACE Test Prep is to help each and every student reach their score potential.  By optimizing ACT super scores and composite scores, doors are opened to make higher education as meaningful and affordable as possible.  Because we work with this goal at the forefront of teaching, we are very excited to offer our ACE students and parents assurance of our dedication to score improvement!  


Here's How it Works:

Students who can show official ACT test results from any date before taking our complete prep session (6 classes), as well as official ACT test results from the immediate test date after that session with an unimproved super score and composite score, can choose to either

  A) attend any full or part future classroom session for FREE

  B) arrange for 2 hours worth of individual tutoring time for FREE ($50/hour after)

**Please e-mail us at with PDFs/screenshots of ACT reports for confirmation purposes**

If you don't have a baseline score (first ACT) or have an improved super score or composite score but would like to attend another session or seek 1 on 1 time, we will reduce the cost as follows:

  A) attend any full or part future classroom session for HALF OFF

  B) arrange individual tutoring at $50/hour (virtual options available)


Please consider helping us as a small business by leaving a review at Facebook and/or Google

Try the links above or search "ACE Test Prep Cincy" on either site.

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